Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another day of firsts....

So I really love documenting Amelia's "firsts", from something major to something very simple and fun. So this day had some fun "firsts". We were getting ready to go to my friend Nelia's bridal shower. When I was putting together Miss A's clothes for the day, I noticed that there was a pair of pants that she can FINALLY fit into. My friend Mandy gave me a pair of jeans that one of her girls had worn. So today was going to be the day that Amelia was going to wear her first pair of jeans. Take a peek ...

Ok mommy ...I'm ready to go!

The second first of the day, was Amelia trying something new and exotic. Chocolate ...yes, you read right. At the shower, there was a HUGE home made chocolate cake, that was simply a-maz-ing! Well, my friend Maggi was holding Amelia while I finished my piece of cake. We were talking about how much one of her boys loves, I mean LOVES, chocolate. Maggie asked, "Can I give her a little bit?" I said sure. So she put a tiny dab on the tip of her finger, and put it on Amelia's tongue. As first she wasn't to sure....

...Then it kicked in, her eyes got real big (as you can see in the pic below), and started rolling her tongue around in her mouth. Mmmm ...that's all you get little girl, unless Maggi sneaks you another taste!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

THE Royal Royal Wedding

I have always been super interested in royalty, history, and everything about the UK. I do remember when Prince Charles & Princess Diana got married, I was 5. My mom was also swept away with that special day, and has been in love with Diana ever since. I remember that we had a cookie tin on display in our house that was from that year, and it had a pic of Charles & Diana's engagement picture.

We also had some big things happen in our lives the same time the royal family did. The sad one was that Diana was killed a month before Brint & I were married. Amelia is born the same year that Will & Kate were married. Amelia's middle name is Elizabeth ...well the Queen of England is Elizabeth, Kate Middleton's middle name is Elizabeth, Amelia was named after Queen Elizabeth I. So it's the year of Elizabeth's, I just thought that was to fun.

So now that Will & Kate were going to get married, I just HAD to watch! Yes, I was up at 4am and I watched the whole things. I gasped, I cried, I was mesmerized and glued to my seat. I LOVED IT!! Amelia woke up at 7am and I fed her and we watched the "parade" back to the palace together. She loved watching all the colors. I love seeing THE kiss ...and the second one too! So here are the pics from that day.

So Amelia had something to wear for the special day, and I did too. Well, actually it came the day after the wedding. I sent away for MY very own ring. I wanted this ring since I was a little girl. I receive emails from the Jane Austen society in Bath, England, and they said their gift shop was selling a certain ring. I just HAD to have it, plus it was only $15 AND in came from BATH, ENGLAND!! Can you guess who else has this ring??

Monday, May 2, 2011

Look what I can do!!

It's amazing what little people (like babies) can do everyday. What really seems so simple, are huge milestones for them. I am SO grateful to see them everyday. The first example ...Amelia was on her floor mat, just playing away by kicking her legs and putting her hands in the air. She had dangly toys hanging in front of her too. I literally looked away for just a moment, and when I looked back she had grasped onto a toy. I could not get up fast enough to get the camera. Ok, so she hung on with one finger, but she held on for 5 minutes. Again ...HUGE milestone for her!!

Now onto a bigger accomplishment. Amelia has always been a strong girl. She's been able to hold her head up since day one. She has a grip that would out do Arnold Schwarzenegger. She has been wanting to sit up for a while now. Through out the day I rotate her through different seats, swings, bouncers, floor mat with toys, and lounging in her boppy. Well, a couple of days ago I put her in her boppy, and she got a little fussy after a few minutes.

So I re-adjusted her and look what she did ....sitting up with head held high!

Now she is just going to kick back and watch Rick Steves travel through Europe on TV. It's hard work you know!!