Monday, July 28, 2008

Black and Yellow...Hello!!

Well we started a new endevor back in May. Brint and our neighbor, Mark, pulled me out to the front porch to ask me if I would be interested with them to raise bees in OUR back yard. I really hesitated, seeing how my parents house were infested with hornets and bees, in two different walls at two different times. I said it would be okay as long as they were way, way in the back yard.

So the day came when the boys went to Mars Hill to go get our bees. They had to transport at night so all the bees were in the hive. When Marks truck pulled up, all of a sudden I got totally excited! It was like Christmas!!

Ever since that day they have been a total joy! I always sing to them, It calms me and the bees down. Their favorite is "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree" & "I Am a Child of God". Don't laugh it works!! So while all this was going on I was reading the "Secret Lives of Bees" book. It was amazing because, as I was reading she (Lily) was learning about bees at the same time I was learning about bees. The boys (Brint and Mark) thought they were so smart and knew so much about bees. I told them about the Lavender Honey. Where when the weather is so hot and there are no flowers left the bees will get their necter from berries. The boys didn't belive me that it could happen. Well guess what, when we got two more hives, and worked on them a little while, guess what the boys pulled out of that hive?? Lavender honey!!! It's honey with a taste of blackberry to it....Amazing!!


stacey maddock said...

very cool, do you have a pic of the lavender honey? bet it was yummy!! if you have questions still about blogspot, let me know and i can try to help. hugs, s

Hannah's Mom said...

Dayna!!!! Hi! Shana told me you had a blog, so I had to come check it out! :)

I had no idea you were a beekeeper now! That's fun. Do you ever get stung, or do the bees just get used to you guys being around and then leave you alone? I'm so excited I found you! You're welcome to check out my blog any time:
Love you!!! Mel

Carmen said...

Hey Dayna! I'm so happy to see you have a blog page! :)

I think it's amazingly awesome you guys are doing the bee-keeper thing!
It's interesting, b/c I read an article recently in the newspaper, that said there are reports of bees dying (in their colonies or whatver) in large numbers. My point is in telling you this, is I'm glad you guys are doing this b/c maybe in a small way your bees will help bring the population of them back up eventually or something...who knows? ;)