Monday, October 27, 2008

My First Rally!!

FYI: Sorry that my blogs are soooo behind. Brint is constantly on the computer for school/homework, and it seems to take forever to download my pics. So sorry if I'm a little behind! This next event actually took place on Oct 25, 2008...

So Brint told me on Friday that he could get us free tickets to see Sarah Palin in a rally at the Civic Center, let me tell you I really didn't jump at the chance. It wasn't for any dislike for her, I really think she is an amazing person. I think I wasn't excited because I really didn't want to go the the Civic Center on a sunday, find a parking spot, and stand in a very long line. Waaa, waaa! We went and let me just say it was such a great experience.

When we got there the line went all the way around the city block of the Civic Center. I thought we would NEVER get in. Brint left me in line, and went to the front of the building to see if there were any free posters or stickers. He found Nelia, her family, Jen Wilmer, and Jordan from the ward near the front of the line. We knew they would be there, but not that close to the front door. So they invited us to sneak into the line.... I know, I know it was the sabbath and we were cutting in line. Uggghhh!

If there was any punishment it was standing there for two hours just waiting for the doors to open. Everyone was in a chest to cheek mass. Kind of interesting as I listened to the sounds of protesters behind us, and a group of church goers in front singing amazing grace. Oh I could go on, and on about the experience on the outside of the Civic Center alone. The one thing I do want to say was that Nelia's mom rocked!! She was like herding her sheep making sure we all got in no matter what. I think she's been to a rally or two!

Whew, finally got inside. When we were inside the center, it was like walking into your television. The stage, chairs, flags, posters, banners, lights, cameras, reporters, secret service agents, podium, and tele-prompter were just like it is on TV. It was very surreal. Here are some shots of when we first arrived. Of course Nelia scored some great seats between the music stage and Sarah Palin's stage.

Now there is so much to be said about our experience there, but I think the pics are so much more fun to look at.

They even had Sarah Palin look alikes. There was a little girl who was a mini-me of Sarah Palin. The funniest part was that people were stopping them to take their picture with them. Everyone was having so much fun there. We did the wave to many times to count. Funny how humans have the most fun with the simplest things!

Here she is... the next V.P. of the United States of America!

This is us with Sarah Palin... well if you click on the picture and look to the left of us, she is just below the girl who is walking on the blue stage with a white top on. Oh and their is a small blue poster next to her face. It's a stretch, but technically we got our picture "with" her... he, he!

Thanks to Nelia and her family, for giving us an amazing oppertunity and a great day!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Late night munchies!!

So these pics are weeks old, but none the less their still pretty cute. When Ryan Jeven's sister, Vanessa, was here we decided to go out to for her "last supper". She decided to go the the famed Waffle House. So we went late and had a great meal with a little entertainment. We sat at the "bar" and watched our food being made. It was like being at one of those Japanese restaurants but with waffles! That was fun.....thanks Vanessa for picking the spot and coming to Asheville!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Shoes To Fill!

This is not to boast or brag, I just want to get my thoughts and experiences out. I was called to be a Relief Society president for our branch. President Blau asked me on Sunday 9/14, and it was minutes before sacrament was to start. So of course my heart and head were pounding. But, ever since he asked me that question (that everyone else knew was coming but me) I have felt different. Not of feeling like "I have the power" (just kidding by the way), but that I am really feeling like I am a part of Heavenly Fathers plan.

You know when you have deja vu. Well I kind of felt like that with my patriarchal blessing. Has something ever happened to you in your life, and all of a sudden your fulfilling what your patriarchal blessing had said. Well this was it, this was the moment. Well actually it was during my set apart blessing that Pres. Blau gave me. His words were the same words in my patriarchal blessing. I truly felt the hand of God on my head that moment. Brint and I talked about it after the blessing, and the words were so literal that it even startled him. I feel different, I feel empowered. By that I mean I feel more confident, that Heavenly Father is behind me 100%. That I know there will be struggles and sacrifices with this calling, but I will not be alone.

All I can say it's amazing when you finally see your purpose in this life, and all the possibilities that are out there. That doors start to open, you step outside of the box, your comfort zone. And you feel like you have accomplished something and made a difference. What better thing to do but to be on the Lords errand.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mystery Dinner Theater

I was going to wait and let Cass blog about what we did at the Jevne's house, but she's probably busy with moving and everything. So here goes. Katie and Ryan Jevne had a Mystery Dinner night and a farewell to Justin and Cass (before they moved to Texas) at their house. They had invited Brint and myself, Justin and Cass, Nate Skroski, and Rachel Johns. The theme was renaissance. The parts picked out for each of us was perfect! Cass was the queen, Nate was the prince, Rachel was the "princess", Justin was the Queen's personal Bishop "wink, wink", Katie and Ryan were the Duke and Duchess, Brint was the knight, and I was the princesses "serving wench". Figures, I was the serving wench....he, he! I wish I could remember all the creative names that we had for each character they were very funny.

So of course you have to dress up so you can really be in character. We were trying to take a series of serious, smiling, and funny. But it just fell apart after the second round. Here are the great pics that were taken....pretty dang funny!

Ok let's be serious now....everyone look majestic...and this is when Rachel looses it!

Now this is ALL of us loosing it!

Now we are just out of control....check out the Jevnes!!!

OK...Everyone be serious....this is serious....seriously!

Did Brint's foot just make a fart sound on the tile????

So there is NO recovery after that.....Nice face Justin!!

Twenty attempts later to get a SERIOUS picture and we finally got it!

Now at this point it's late, we laughed our butts off, and now we were just plain crazy. Don't ask....just don't ask!! And yes we were all saying weeee while these next pics were I said don't ask!

Now I am really looking forward to the blog and pics that Cass had. I know she got some great pics!!