Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Shoes To Fill!

This is not to boast or brag, I just want to get my thoughts and experiences out. I was called to be a Relief Society president for our branch. President Blau asked me on Sunday 9/14, and it was minutes before sacrament was to start. So of course my heart and head were pounding. But, ever since he asked me that question (that everyone else knew was coming but me) I have felt different. Not of feeling like "I have the power" (just kidding by the way), but that I am really feeling like I am a part of Heavenly Fathers plan.

You know when you have deja vu. Well I kind of felt like that with my patriarchal blessing. Has something ever happened to you in your life, and all of a sudden your fulfilling what your patriarchal blessing had said. Well this was it, this was the moment. Well actually it was during my set apart blessing that Pres. Blau gave me. His words were the same words in my patriarchal blessing. I truly felt the hand of God on my head that moment. Brint and I talked about it after the blessing, and the words were so literal that it even startled him. I feel different, I feel empowered. By that I mean I feel more confident, that Heavenly Father is behind me 100%. That I know there will be struggles and sacrifices with this calling, but I will not be alone.

All I can say it's amazing when you finally see your purpose in this life, and all the possibilities that are out there. That doors start to open, you step outside of the box, your comfort zone. And you feel like you have accomplished something and made a difference. What better thing to do but to be on the Lords errand.


Destinee said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. Starting with the part about "feeling like I am a part of Heavenly Father's plan". What a beautiful testimony. You will fill those shoes! I'm so glad you were able to have that incredible experience!

Marsha said...

I was so excited to hear you are the new Relief Society President. Better you than me, no kidding. You are so kind and will make a wonderful president and I know the sisters are blessed to have you.

Kneisly Family said...

Congrats on your new calling. I'm sure you will do a wonderful job. Its so wonderful when you can start seeing what things Heavenly Father has in store for you.
I am very happy for you.

Carmen said...

Congratulations on your new calling Dayna! I love this story that you shared. You will be wonderful...of course I'm sure H.F. knew that already -so you are where you need to be! :)

Patricia H. Bradley said...

Hi, I was wondering when you were going to get called. I felt you would be called after I heard Sister C. was moving. I really did, I even asked President B. about had he called someone the week of the dedication. He said sort of, I laughed to myself when I saw you in R.S. and thought She has been talked to now. So, in saying that, I know you will do a great job because Heavenly Father doesn't make mistakes. You are the person that He wants doing the work in His Gospel. Just as President B. is for our Branch. He too is a wonderful person. Good luck and let me know f you need my help or support. I have a good shoulder and lots of yrs in the trenches. I will be saying prayers for you. Love Pat B.

Lew said...

You are seriously such an amazing person. I have loved getting to know you and look forward to getting to know you even better. I have always felt completely accepted by you and you exude unconditional love to all those around you. You are so fun too! I'm so happy you are our RS President!!

Kirsten said...

Wow! I don't know if congratulations is the right word to use, but I think this is verification that all the decisions you've been making in your life the past couple of years are the right ones. I am so happy for you and I know you will do a great job in your branch!