Monday, October 6, 2008

Mystery Dinner Theater

I was going to wait and let Cass blog about what we did at the Jevne's house, but she's probably busy with moving and everything. So here goes. Katie and Ryan Jevne had a Mystery Dinner night and a farewell to Justin and Cass (before they moved to Texas) at their house. They had invited Brint and myself, Justin and Cass, Nate Skroski, and Rachel Johns. The theme was renaissance. The parts picked out for each of us was perfect! Cass was the queen, Nate was the prince, Rachel was the "princess", Justin was the Queen's personal Bishop "wink, wink", Katie and Ryan were the Duke and Duchess, Brint was the knight, and I was the princesses "serving wench". Figures, I was the serving wench....he, he! I wish I could remember all the creative names that we had for each character they were very funny.

So of course you have to dress up so you can really be in character. We were trying to take a series of serious, smiling, and funny. But it just fell apart after the second round. Here are the great pics that were taken....pretty dang funny!

Ok let's be serious now....everyone look majestic...and this is when Rachel looses it!

Now this is ALL of us loosing it!

Now we are just out of control....check out the Jevnes!!!

OK...Everyone be serious....this is serious....seriously!

Did Brint's foot just make a fart sound on the tile????

So there is NO recovery after that.....Nice face Justin!!

Twenty attempts later to get a SERIOUS picture and we finally got it!

Now at this point it's late, we laughed our butts off, and now we were just plain crazy. Don't ask....just don't ask!! And yes we were all saying weeee while these next pics were I said don't ask!

Now I am really looking forward to the blog and pics that Cass had. I know she got some great pics!!


Marsha said...

You guys are a crazy bunch. Maybe you can perform for the branch sometime. It looks like you all had so much fun. I would have giggled the entire time.

Patricia H. Bradley said...

This is priceless. I would loved to have been there taking the pics or watching the timer go off. It looks like you guys had a blast. Looks like our house sometimes...and over the years. Keep on keeping on, you won't regret it. Pat Bradley

Destinee said...

Hilarious! I want more info. Sounds like a blast! I think the branch needs to have a talent show! Right Brint, I'm sure it was your foot! Those leaning pics cracked me up!

Carmen said...

LOL Dayna...You guys are so funny! I love these pictures! Sounds like you guys had a really nice time. :)