Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Those Beavers!

Ok, reality check this morning. You know you in the south when.....we were driving down the bottom half of the road that we live on. On the bottom half there are a couple homes, huge horse pastures, and good flowing creek. At least it was a good flowing creek. As I said Brint and I were driving home and saw two Ford trucks on the side of the road where the creek "bridge" was. And there where two good ol' boys with their overalls on and their ol' farmin' hats. Just scratching away at their heads.

We did know one of the older men. It was an uncle of our neighbor Amy (who we do our jam with). His name is Glenn. Brint stopped the car (since he is the most nosey person ever), and asked what was going on. Glenn said "Beaver!". Pause, pause, pause. You could hear crickets chirping at this point. Brint says "well what's he doing?". Glenn said "Building a dam!" Pause, pause, pause....crickets STILL chirping! Brint says "What are you going to do?". Glenn said "Get em'!" Brint said "Are you going to shoot him?" Glenn said "Nope, where going to catch him and take him to the creek by those new houses. That will teach them!"

What he is talking about are new housing development on Dogwood Rd. They desimated a beautiful hill that was half trees, and half rolling horse pasture. IT IS AWFUL!!! Brint and I agreed with him, thought about helping (just kidding), but just took pictures of what was left of the "dam" in the creek.


Marsha said...

Those older men sound like they could be Larry's family. They would totally do something like that.

Carmen said...

hehehe, That's funny.

Even funnier...as I was reading what Brint and Glenn were saying to each other, I was reminded of the Curious George cartoon that my boys watch. I think there is an episode or two with similar dialogue. That made me smile. ;)

Patricia H. Bradley said...

Hi, If you are going to help him, let me know and I may help too...lol, maybe kidding, maybe not. Our whole mtn was bought our over 600 acres and the otherside thousand acres there, and now is getting destroyed. No more bears, beavers or much of anything when the golf course and house finish up. I am not against growth, just how it is done sometimes. I sure undersand.

Patricia H. Bradley said...

ps. you have to live in the mtns and talk the talk to understand the walk. lol, i sure do, thanks for the post pat