Monday, April 20, 2009

The new Chicks on the block...

My friend Crystal at work, yes the one who's Chihuahua we took care of, her mom raises goats and chickens. No we didn't get any goats... yet. But we did get five sweet new "teenage" chicks. They are Golden Laced Wyandotte's, and cute as can be. The markings on their feathers when they grow up will be just beautiful. For now they just have a full body and scrawny little heads.

The Jevnes came and checked out our new little chicks...

Our one chicken, Yolk-O, was not to sure about them, since she had the run of the coup for the past couple of months. She pecked one of the chicks on the head to remind the of who was the top chick around these parts. Naughty chicken... she sure is pretty though!!

So here are some more pics of them running around, they are the fastest chickens I've seen. They love to be held, and they coo like doves in stead of clucking. Sweet!

This is my favorite pic... a face only a mother could love.


Marsha said...

My kids would have fun all day with your chicks. They are begging Larry for a pet. Any pet that they can hold. We have 2 water turtles and 5 guppies. I guess aquatic things are just not fun.

Kneisly Family said...

That's so fun that you have chickens. I am hoping to get a couple sometime soon but we'll see. Have you and Brint tried to race them yet? My friend and I used to do that with her chicks. It was loads of fun.

J and C said...

Aww man! I just typed out a long comment and it deleted itself!

I am super excited about your cute new babies. There is a girl in our ward who is giving us some chicks, I have no idea what to do with them, but have ALways wanted them! So hope fully it is a good thing!

I miss my branch friends, and it sounds like you are havign sucha great time! I hope all is well!

Love ya,

Carmen said...

I love your chicks!!! I so want some one day! ;)