Saturday, July 25, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!?!?

So this video... well, Brint and I feel an attachment to it. I think we finally figured it out! We have never been to Las Vegas, even though we lived in California and were just a quick plane ride away. I think we knew if we ever went... we would get in a lot of trouble. I mean how can you not with Sigfried & Roy, the chaples of love, Elvis impersonators on every corner... he, he!! So this video shows what would have REALLY happened if WE went to Vegas.

Little pop up video moment... the two guys who welcome them into the casino are the Maloofs, who own the Palms in Vegas. Who also own the Sacramento Kings... what use to be our favorite basketball team, and we attended quite a few games! Also, seen them popping up around Sacramento too!! Ok pause the music below and.. on with the video~

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