Monday, August 31, 2009

Belated Birthday Pics...

Forgot these great pics were still on my camera from my birthday in early August. My super-duper friend Katie made me cupcakes. Which I think cupcakes are sooo much better than a full on cake. I think that they are a true treat, personally yours, delectable, decedent, and beautiful. Now, they can't be from Walmart or the grocery store, where they stain your teeth an unpleasing color, eeek, or the frosting be one chemical away from being plastic, yuck! I'm talking homemade, or bakery bought, cups of delight.

So here are a few pics of the lighting of the tender morsels, the beautiful detail of the edible flowers Katie made, and a few of us enjoying the little pillow's of heaven.... makes you want to have one right now doesn't it!? Enjoy!!!


J and C said...

Happy 8th birthday! (according to the candles! ha ha!) No really Happy birthday, I love that cute Katie, how sweet of her to make those cupcakes! I hope you are all doing really well, I was happy to see a new post, I love to hear what you all are up to, talk soon.

Destinee said...

Super late, super happy birthday wish! I'm so bummed I missed your bday! Hope it was a great day.
I'm sure those cupcakes were delish. Katie is amazing at that stuff.