Friday, November 28, 2008

Great Night Out

I just could not let a fun night go buy and not blog about it!! So on Saturday night (Nov 22) Jeff Zentner and Matt Call's (Lewis)bands were playing. Jeff was playing first at the Green Sage Cafe. It was very warm and intimate setting, on a VERY cold night. Destinee and Ryan Blau were there, and eventually Sarah (Jeff's wife), and Leslie (Matt's wife) were there. Brint and I cuddled around our vegan hot chocolate (thought it tasted weird, then we realized we were in a vegan cafe... oops!) It was still warm, and had chocolate in it, how bad could it be... don't ask Brint.

Jeff did a wonderful job, and sang some really great songs. So 9 o'clock came and it was time to face the bitter cold once again, and walk to Stella Blue's for Matt's gig. We huffed it up the hill with Destinee and Ryan. Poor Destinee was just freezing to death.

When we got there they were finishing setting up. Both Brint and I had never been there before, it was pretty rough looking inside. Like one of those Seattle grunge places. That being said, it was funny to see quite a few people from church there. We almost out numbered the concert going folk. So here we were in this dark place listening to some GREAT music by Lewis, and we noticed that they had a table set up to sell their CDs.

This is kind of a funny little story. On the table was a cake, right along side Lewis's CDs. On the cake it said "Eat Me", that was meant in a nice way of saying free cake. I thought this flowered cake was soooo out of place, and I thought "You know your a Mormon when you bring cake to a rock gig!" I got a couple of laughs out of that. I also thought how crafty of Leslie to entice people to come to the table for free cake,and to buy a CD.

Well, I guess that wasn't the story. The band that went on first had a band member, and it was his birthday. I like my story better! So Lewis did AWESOME, it was their first gig since loosing Tyler, who played key board and back up vocals. They still rocked the house!!!

We all didn't not want that fun night to end, especially since Destinee and Ryan had a babysitter (Rachel) who was spending the night! What to do, what to do?!?!? Dairy Queen for blizzards... dang closed. McDonalds for something yummy... dang drive through open only. So off to Destinee and Ryan's house for her famous molten lava cake... Woo Hoo!!!

So it was Brint and myself, Matt & Leslie, Destinee & Ryan (of course), and Rachel. All the girls in the kitchen to make the molten lava cake... well, really to watch Destinee make the cake, and the boys shooting the breeze in the family room. A little time later and those heavenly cakes came out of the oven, piping hot.

Now, every lava cake I've had not been that great, and I didn't know what the big deal was. UNTIL.... I had Destinee's. Now I understand. Holly Crap Batman!! Words cannot describe how amazingly good that was.Uggghhh!

So I am a good four bites in with a little ice cream. I shuv the fifth bite into my mouth and uh oh... I looked over at Rachel, with my cheeks stuffed with this chocolate heaven, and realized... Dayna, your on Weight Watchers!!! CRAP!!!!!

Oh well, at least the ice cream was carb free! There is always a silver lining!! We had such a cozy fun night at their house. So THANKS to Jeff and Matt for their great gigs, THANKS to the Blau's for letting us invade their house and making the mouth watering lava cake, and to the peeps for making it a FUN night out in Asheville. I think Brint and I needed a night out like that!


Marsha said...

I would love to hear about this hot cocoa. You had me laughing at the possible facial expressions you and Brint might have made to one another!

J and C said...

I miss those branch activites at the bar watching Lewis, (wink, wink) But, seriously it was so fun to hang out and see all your friends there too. We miss that!

Ryan said...

Hey girl! That seriously was fun. We loved hanging out with everyone.

Carmen said...

How cool Dayna! :) I've never heard Lewis play and I'm so bummed! (Maybe one day)...

I bet that cake was good! Yummy!!