Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween on Labor and Delivery!!!!

So I really work with the best people on the whole plant. Why is that you ask.... they know when to be serious, professional, and can handle ANY emergency. However, they also know when to cut loose, let go of the stress, and have a fun time. The first pic is of Dr.Stewart and his pirate patch. He did have a serious injury to his eye, but because he is such a good sport, he let us put skull and cross bone stickers on his eye patch. In this pic he is saying Arrrrrrggggggg...

This is Melissa (aka:Peanut), she is our scrub tech. Since we can't ware costumes in our department, she is putting her scary face on. Stand back she does bite!!

My boss Melinda came around the corner and surprised us with this mask. I thought she was George Bush, but she couldn't decide on wether to come as Dr.VanDyke...

...or Dr. Stewart!?!?

Micki got in on the action as a mummy. She put on the "daddy suit" (when they go back to the OR), and a ton of gauze. Ain't she perrtty!!

The sweet kids from Peds & Peds ICU came through to the different departments to trick-or-treat, but we just missed them. Bummer!

We were so upset that we missed the kids that we tried to catch up to them. Micki said that the picture below is of her being a mummy. I say it's her "One flew over the Cukoo's nest" moment! He, he!!

This lovely couple is Ellen and Micki. Check out Ellen's suit she drew a skeleton, complete with a heart and all! They are both our circulator nurses in our operating rooms. Aren't they fun!!!


Carmen said...

LOVE those pictures Dayna!! I didn't know....are you a nurse? (How did I not know this...?)

Anyway, that Peds ICU looks familiar. Caleb was there when he was about 18 months old. We spent a whole weekend there. ;) (We also spent about 2 weeks for each our of boys in the NICU). I have lots of memories in that hospital. *sigh*

The Arrrrrgalls said...

I am actually a CNA in the Preop/triage area of L&D. Love my job! Do so much and see so much!!

Patricia H. Bradley said...

Very cute, you have a great group of folks in the health care. It is usually a close nit group when you work in a fast pace health care group like L & D or ER etc. I am glad you like it. Pat