Monday, October 5, 2009

B.R.P. Blueberry Muffins

So here is the story of the Blue Ridge Parkway blueberries. Whilst Brint and I were on the Parkway during our anniversary, I knew is was blueberry season up there and desperately wanted to pick some. At our first overlook stop, I spotted a tiny little bush just hanging on the edge with a hand full of blueberries still on it. Taking a little risk by leaning over to grab a couple for us, I popped one in my mouth, chewed, swallowed, told Brint "these are blueberries", but then had a second thought. Wait... was I totally sure that was a blueberry, and not some highly poisonous death berry?? I reexamined what was in my hand and just nodded.. yeah I was sure. Whew!
I knew it would be a zoo to pick at Graveyard Fields, boy was it ever crowded. So further we drove. Then I notice some Cherokee Indian ladies on the side of the road picking those blueish purple treats. We drove just a little further, as to not jump in on their berry turf. So Brint and I proceeded to pick.....

I think we got about a cup worth. Not much, but just enough to make blueberry muffins for the two of us! I looked up a "from scratch blueberry muffin" recipe on one of my favorite cooking blogs. Found one that I had already had the ingredients for, and went right to work. I delicately folded in those sweet little berries, as to not pop or smear them through the batter. Poured the batter into the muffin cups, set the timer, closed the oven door, and just crossed my fingers they would come out ok. After 18 long minutes, the timer finally went off, and peaked into to the oven and guess what I saw...

This next pic is my fav, because you can see that little blueberry explosion, and you know only yummy goodness can come from that!

Aren't they just gorgeous and lovely.

Now I just dare you click on any of those muffins pics, and try not to lick your computer screen! The golden treats were sooo good warm and just by themselves, with strawberry jam, with butter. The hardest part was waiting till Brint got home to eat one! It felt very rewarding to pick something from nature, bring it home, and lovingly put it into something that you and others can float off to heaven with. Next year I am going up to the Parkway early!!

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J and C said...

Send some of that North Carolina Blueberry love our way! I miss the berry season there. And those muffins were beautiful!