Friday, October 23, 2009

Me, Forks, & Twilight!

So last weekend we were in Georgia for my Grandma's 95th birthday! Woo, Hoo for her!!! Anyway, I talked with my dad's high school friend and his wife. They talked with me about how I came out to Washington when I was a little girl and visited them. They talked about the fun we had, and how much I loved it there, and cried when I had to leave.

On another story that will soon relate; ever since reading Twilight and watching the movie something has just drawn me to it. Sure you may think it's the love story between Bella and Edward, or the exciting life of vampires or werewolves, or even the hot guys in Twilight. Well, no, that was not what drew me in more then ever. When ever Bella/the author described what Forks looked like, what the weather was like, or what La Push was like I just felt it soooo familiar and comforting.

Well, who knew the two paths would meet. Me, Forks, & Twilight. Yep, that's right... I have been to Forks, Washington, and even been to all the places that take place in the book. Only it was 29 years ago. Wow! As my dad's friend and his wife told me I had been to all the places named/described in the book, it totally made sense why I felt the way I did when I read the book. She will be sending me pics of me standing in front of the "Welcome to Forks" sign, me playing on the beach of La Push, and me hiking in one of the forrest. As soon as she sends them I will post them.

So, am I a total dork for being excited about this??? Tell me what you think!!


J and C said...

NO, I too am totally drawn to the beauty of the area, even the exorbitant amount of rain! And now, you can so be like, "Yeah, I totally knew about forks...." J/k

Marsha said...

I don't think you're crazy. Love the books, love the description of the area and if you want to add a little vampire and wolf to it, so be it. How awesome. Look forward to seeing the pictures.

Kirsten said...

Sweet! Some friends and I are planning to visit next spring. Can't wait to see your pictures!