Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Today I can breath freely!!! Why do you ask??? Well I just bought my first pair of maternity pants ....aaaaahhhhhh. Why are we not wearing these all the time? I had finally had it yesterday when I wanted to put on my pair of "big" jeans, it gave me heart burn when I buttoned it because it was so tight around my tummy. So I told Brint "I think it's time". Not bad, I am 5months now and I haven't bought anything till now.

Well that's not true. I did buy a belly band at Target. What it a belly band you ask?? The best way to explain it is ...it's like a tube top. What you do is you put your pre-prego pants on, don't button or zip them up (usually you can't anyway - hence the belly band), pull the band over the open part of your pants, and it will hold your pants up AND cover your open drawers. Pretty cool!!!! It saves you some money, so you don't have to buy expensive maternity pants, for a while at least. It worked last month, but this month I was a vienna sausage.

So today, I went to Motherhood Maternity and tried on some much wanted jeans. Once on all I could say was .....AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! Even the skinny jeans gave you ample room to breath. Again, why don't we wear these pants all the time. Below are pics of what I bought. I only got pants because I have a friend at work who has emptied out her closet and is giving me her maternity clothes. Yippee!!

Another reason why I like being pregnant is that stores/companies give you free stuff, samples, and coupons. Since this was my first trip to the store, I got the goody bag below. It was full of hair product samples, laundry samples, coupons galore, and my favorite was the $25 gift card to shutterfly. Yippee!!

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Anonymous said...

I love new cloths, especially when you get free gifts. So when do we get to see pictures of you and the baby? Still so excited!! Thanks for giving us so many updates, it helps to feel like I am there, if only a little. :O)