Monday, August 9, 2010

What's new on the baby front?!

Well as of today we are 15 weeks and 4days, and going strong. I was thinking that some of you, especially those who don't live in town are probably wondering how things are going, how I'm feeling, etc. I thought I should share some of the good stories about this pregnancy, some of you had heard the stories, but most of you have not. You know when Brint and I are involved there is always a good story, so here goes (and since we don't have any pics to share, I thought I'd show you baby pics of Brint & myself)...

~The placenta brain, as we call it in the biz, or pregnancy forgetfulness as you my know it, hit me again big time. We have a monthly meeting (third thursday of every month) at church, called Branch Council, where all the Presidents of all the auxiliaries get together to bring up calendar items, welfare issues, and other church related issues that we work together on. Right after that meeting I have a PPI (Personal Progress Interview) with our Branch President, where we talk even more in-depth about welfare issues and the needs of those in the church. So these are pretty important meetings. Well, for me, that week came and went. Usually I think about those meetings days before we have them, so I can discuss with our President about the issues at hand. It wasn't even a thought in my mind. I wasn't till I received an email of the minutes taken at that meeting, and I received that email on a Saturday. GASP!!!!! Couldn't believe that I did that, I have made it to ALL the meetings since I became president a year and a half ago.

Sunday morning, after sacrament, I went up to our Branch President and gave my deepest apologies. About how it completely did not even come to mind, etc. He said ...and get this ..."That's ok, I just told the whole council that you were excused because you have pregnancy brain." NICE!!! Well, at least he was light hearted about it and understood since him and his wife have three boys. I bet they were hootin' it up at the meeting when our leader made that comment. Very Nice! :)

~I work every other Monday to help out with payroll at work. A couple of weeks ago I got off two hours early from work. Brint and I rode together that day, and he was getting of at 5:30pm. So I needed to kill some time till he was off. Where does a girl go to kill some time ......Target of course. I actually haven't been in a couple of months, I hear the gasping out there, it's just been to hot to go anywhere. Anyway, I wanted to go particularly to look at maternity clothes, and baby stuff (price things out, etc.), but of course one has to shop Target head to toe. I think I was an hour into my shopping experience, I was half way through the baby section, stopped and looked down at the floor and thought "I could really just lay down here on this linoleum, and totally go to sleep." Never in my life has a store floor look so enticing. That's when I knew it was time to go, otherwise they would find me on isle 22 curled up with a blanket. Now that's tired!

~Got to hear the baby's heart beat again last Tuesday. Brint was so excited that he wanted to recorded it on his phone. So I laid down on the table, pulled the top of my pants down a little, and Amy our Nurse Practitioner went to work. She found the baby on my right side, after some pushing on my filling bladder. I look up at this special moment, and Brint and Amy are in cahoots to get his phone to record ...don't mind me! After a couple of minutes they were done. I sat back up, got my self re-situated with my clothes. Brint was checking the recording, and Amy asked "Did you get it?". Brint said he didn't think so, Amy said no problem we'll do it again. Next thing I know I'm getting pushed (gently) back down, and had to pull the top parts of my pants down ...again.

So Amy went to work again to find the baby, looking on the right. Finally she found the little on the left, all the while pressing again on my ever filling bladder. I don't think the baby was all to happy either being pushed on. I looked up again, and there they were hovering over the phone to get the recording....don't mind me. This time it worked, whew! All kidding aside, the coolest part was when we heard, both times, the baby moving around inside. It sounded like if you scratched a needle on a record (remember those round things that played music). I loved that part. Our next appointment will be on Aug 31st, and I will be 18 1/2 weeks along. You know what that means ....we'll be able to know what this "fuzzy-gummy-bear" is going to be. So let's all pray that his/her legs won't be crossed, or be a typical Argall and be difficult. Hee, hee!

(I think I was destined to be a Jane Austen girl!)

~For my Birthday, the girls at work celebrated it with me on a Wednesday. After an a half an hour or so they (Micki, Sandie, Gwen, Teresa, Joyce, Julia, and Joy) all came around the corner singing me Happy Birthday. Micki was holding a tray full of her yummy brownies, a bunch of fresh pick "Micki's road side flowers" (she loves risking her life to get the prettiest flowers on the side of the road), and a cute ballon that everyone had signed. The surprising part was what was going up to the ballon. Taped and stapled all the way up was folded (in different shapes) money and checks. I was STUNNED!!! They said instead of bringing in food or ordering out, they wanted to make a birthday/baby fund. Words cannot say how touched I was, and still am.

Throughout the day, when I left to use the bathroom, or had to go to other parts of the department, I would come back and more money would be stapled to the ballon string. In the end they blessed me with $200. The money will go towards a crib, and some very overpriced maternity clothes.

Thank you, thank you Micki, Sandie, Gwen, Melissa, Tipton, Linda, Joy, Erin, Sharon, Ronnie, Teresa, Joyce, & Julia (and by the way Julia made the best fresh salsa ever!). My angles of L&D ...I love you!!!

(I love that curly head boy!)

Now I've been sitting here for 15 minutes and here I am again, knowing I have quite a few more stories to tell you, but can I think of them ......nooooo! Ugh, I guess until next blog posting.

**I love the pic below, because it's of four generations. In the front on the left is my great-grandma, in the middle is my mom one month before I was born, and on the right is my grandma!**


stacey maddock said...

haha, we call that 'craft' - can't remember an effing thing! love the balloon idea and so sweet :) i remember hearing the 'helicopter' that was the baby's heartbeat :) glad you are feeling good and progressing nicely, love and hugs, stacey

Anonymous said...

I love your Jane Austin Photo. So cute and so you.