Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Surprise of a lifetime!!

Where have we been???? Well let me tell you.........

After almost 13 years of marriage, and 10 years of trying, it has finally happened!!! Brint and I are expecting our first baby January 27, 2011. We are in shock and awe. We had gone to our doctor back in November 09 to talk about using fertility meds, like clomid. They told us just let them know when we are ready to start. So Brint and I were looking at waiting 6 months to a year to start. I wanted to loose some weight before we got started.

Back on May 19 I realized my monthly had not arrived, Brint was excited, but I told him let's wait a week or two before we go crazy. So by the next week, he was driving me crazy about taking a test. Finally in the middle of work on a Thursday (5/27), I couldn't stand it anymore. Marched down to the pharmacy (love that I work in a hospital), bought a test, and took the test as soon as I got back to my department (so glad you don't have to wait till the morning anymore). Well, just my luck!!! My test was as clear as mud. I had one dark line, and a VERY faint second line. Great!! What the heck does that mean????

I pulled my good friend Gwen (who's a delivery nurse and a nurse practitioner) into the bathroom, surely she'd know what that would mean. After the first shock of what I was showing her, she said "Yep, I think your pregnant girl!!" My heart was pounding by then. I decided to take another test in the am, old school style, to see if that would make a difference. So the next morning I was up at 530am to get ready for work, Brint was following me like a little boy for Christmas. I did my test, waited a few minutes, and saw the same thing. One dark line, and a second VERY faint line. Crap!?!?

So then I just told Brint that we should wait a couple more days and repeat. By then I told my good friend Micki of our new possibility, and she was just as bad as Brint. She kept saying "you need to re-test". Then that crazy girl couldn't take it anymore, and by Friday 6/4 she marched down to the pharmacy, bought a test, and I took a third test and she took the test herself. When done we compared my stick to her stick. She said "See mine is as white as the driven snow. You are pregnant girl!!"

I was about 50% convinced. I had no symptoms, except my missing my monthly and a sore chest. I went ahead and made an appointment. My first appointment was June 8th with Dr.Hunt (love her), and by then I was 7 weeks. When I got there, my blood pressure was up a little, for me, because I still wasn't convinced that I was pregnant. I told that to the nurse, and she said "Well, you have nothing to worry about, because you are.". She held up their test, and I saw the prettiest pink and blue lines I have ever seen. Dr. Hunt examined me, which was a little awkward for me since I work with her often in L&D. She answered all our questions, and prepared us for what was to come. They drew about a half a gallon of blood, just kidding, for my prenatal labs. Then set me up for an ultrasound appointment for that Friday.

June 11th was our first ultrasound. I was nervous about weather there would be a heart beat or not. Then we caught our first image of what only can be described as a "Fuzzy-Wuzzy-Gummy-Bear". The BEST part was seeing the little flutter from inside!!! The baby is alive and thriving. Yippee, on cloud nine for the day. I remember Brint leaning over me to get a closer look at the little flutter inside. It was sweet. He is the happiest guy in the whole world!!

Although it's our first fuzzy picture, and we love it, the technician moved her had a little when she captured the picture. Seconds before you could really see a shape of the little one. Oh well, just grateful for the pic we do have, at such an early time. Boy does it make it even more real.

This week we had another appointment (July 6th). I will be 11 weeks on July 8th. This appointment was for lab results, questions, and fetal heart tones. I was very nervous about that. Since the last appointment the only symptoms I've had is major fatigue, my chest is sore, and I have to make sure I eat every meal and on time. Otherwise, I feel like crap the rest of the day. So since my symptoms have been so mild, it was making me worry. Most of my friends say, consider yourself lucky. I was still worried beyond belief, thinking of friends and family that had lost a baby at the same week I currently was at. Brint and I have been praying for this baby's life, growth, and development from the first day we suspected.

However, today before we left to our appointment, we got on our knees and prayed to our Heavenly Father. So the moment came where she asked me to lay down so she could check for heart tones. She said "Now don't worry, it can take a couple of minutes to find it." Not worry ...me ... yeah right!! The whole time I kept saying in my head "Please Heavenly Father, please let there be a heart beat.". It seemed like it took for ever, and my heart was really starting to pound. I think my nurse practitioner could tell, because the next thing she said "It's ok Dayna, it's like trying to find a needle in a hay stack." A couple of seconds later she said "There it is!". She turned the volume up, and there it was. My sweet relief!! The sound brought me to tears, as I heard that little heart galloping like a horse. He or She was alive and thriving with in me. Brint was behind me tearing up just the same. The NP said "See, everything is going to ok! You are both healthy and well." She was right. I feel 100% convinced that everything is going to be ok. Although, there is a long rode ahead of us, I am looking forward to it now.

So there it is, in a gigantic nut shell. That's is where we have been, and what we have been doing these past two months. I promise my next blog will be soon, now that we are further along and I'm comfortable letting everyone know. Thanks for all your support and the faith you had for us over the years to have a family. I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for this opportunity and this blessing. This baby came at Heavenly Father's time, not our time, which makes this baby even more special for us. I can't wait to see what this little one will grow into, and can't wait for him/her to grow in the gospel.

On our church's website they have video messages, that are always beautiful, warm your heart, and bring a tear to your eye. I think this one was dedicated to me. It calmed my heart long enough till my last appointment. Please go to the web site below. Enjoy!!!

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P.S. I have already had a placenta brain moment (or what others call "pregnancy induced ....what do you call it???" DUH moments). I had pics of my pregnancy stick and my friend Micki's pregnancy stick, to go with the stories above. When I went to down load the pics from my memory card, from my camera, instead of putting it into the memory card hole. I put it right in the CD hole!! So now my memory card is floating around the inside of my laptop. And so it starts, Mac City here I come!!!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!! I knew it would happy, this is so awesome. Waiting for the Lords time is never easy but always worth it. I am sitting here at work crying I am so happy for both of you.

NayNay said...

Oh guys I am so happy for you! Adam and I will both be praying for you and brent and the little baby. Keep us posted, love and miss you all so much!

Kirsten said...

We are SO excited for you!! Kelsi is just thrilled at the thought of having a new cousin (even if she is hoping for a girl)! We pray for you every night, and we love you! If you ever have any questions or need to talk, I'm here.. (although I'm sure you've got it all handled) ;)

stacey maddock said...

for future reference, its called 'craft'. as in 'can't remember an effing thing' :) congratulations you guys!! we are thrilled for you and can't wait to see more pix of 'the bean' or the 'gummy bear' :) mine looked a lima bean, hence named the bean! hope the lack of pukiness continues! hugs to you both!! love, stacey and crew

Kneisly's said...

CONGRATS!!! Tyler and I are so happy for y'all.
I'm glad you haven't been sick. I hope it stays that way for you.

Kneisly's said...

CONGRATS!!! Tyler and I are so happy for y'all.
I'm glad you haven't been sick. I hope it stays that way for you.

Michelle K. said...

Oh, I should have read this sooner! My mom just asked if I'd ever read your blog, and I was like ... well, not recently, but I try to read it about once a month or so. So I decided to come by and see what she was getting at, and lo and behold ... OH MY GOODNESS! Mazel Tov to you both - I'm so thrilled for you!!!! What's your due date? I don't think you told us that part. :D

This is such wonderful news. I know you and Brint are both on Cloud 9, and with good reason. Take good care of yourself, dear. Can't wait to see the little guy/girl!

Love and hugs ... XOXOXOX!

Josh and Angela Juett said...

I just started blogging again..Im so happy for you guys........