Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A happy man!

I was just talking with my mom today on the phone, and we were catching up on things. I told her that I think I just made my Uncle Bill very happy. We had our friends, Katie and Ryan ...and Nicole too, over for dinner on Sunday before they left for their trip. I also had forgotten that we had signed up for the Missionaries to come over too for dinner. So in total we had seven people over, including Brint and myself.

I made something simple, and something you can make a lot of.... soft tacos!! All these people need so many plates, what is a girl to do?? Well, use the new plates she just inherited of course. So into the pantry I went to get the pretty cream white plates, that are newly washed and ready to use. These were my Uncle's party plates. He had, and now I have, twenty of these "party plates". Super informal, yet super pretty. My dinning room table, is pushed off to the side in the dinning room, so we all couldn't sit there. Plus our kitchenette table is way to small. So we all ate alfresco style on the floor around my Uncle's coffee table. One of the the Missionaries sat in the "Kings Chair". After dinner he said, "I could go to sleep in this chair!". I told him he would be one of many men who have sat in that chair of my Uncle's, and fallen asleep after a good meal.

After dinner, we had Katie's YUMMY red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Woo, hoo! What could I put these beautiful slices of heaven on, well of course my Uncle's glass plates. So back into the pantry I went to get those newly washed, waiting to be used, dishes. Perfect!!

As, we all sat there eating, enjoying our leisurely good time, I realized how much of my Uncle's items had been used. And had been put to good use!! I could feel his presence about us, happy as a clam that we are using his items they way he use to use them. I felt a sigh of relief, and a sense of accomplishment. All I can say is, that is more dinner parties to be had. Who want's to come??

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Anonymous said...

I am so there in a heart beat, well maybe like 3,000 or them but i will be there soon. Some day lo)