Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Coworker Love!!

What does a girl do when there is eight inches of snow outside of course. This weekend was a blast! On Saturday, the girls at work threw me a baby shower. Oh my gosh, soooo much fun. We went to Franky Bones, which is a yummy restaurant that is styled after a place Frank Sanatra and "the boys" would hang out at. It's a cool place, it's like at almost any moment the Rat Pack is about to walk in.

Those that came were ...Micki, Sandie, Jan, Tipton, Joy, Erin, Gwen, Crystal and her daughter Phoebe, Katie, and of course the guests of honor (Moi & baby Amelia). Lot of others wanted to come, but either had to work or the roads were bad in their area due to snow & ice. On to the food ...yumm!! Now that my little girl has moved down a little, her momma has a little more room to breath and eat. I almost got their Mac & Cheese (this ain't no box mix), you could have lobster added to it ...need I say more! Instead I got the California burger, which was ...amazing!! A yummy burger on focaccia with mozzarella, pesto aoli, and avocado. Did I say AVOCADO!?!? It came with simple yet divine shoe string fries and a crispy, white Kosher pickle. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!

On to the fun stuff. We received lots of cool things, like baby outfits, socks (that look like Mary Janes), diapers, wipes, paci holder and wipes (in case its dropped), diaper "pail", AND a Travel set from all the girls at work!!! My friend Katie came and made the best cake in the whole world ....peanut butter & chocolate cake. This is no ordinary cake, you just have to try it. Go to her blog, and check out her cakes...

In the mean time, here are some pics from this fun day (if you want to see them closer, just click on the pic) ...

This pic is of me holding piece of paper, from Tipton, telling me that I will be receiving a Moby wrap. The best part was the pics on the back side. Click on the pic, and you will see our heads superimposed on the pic, and I am holding Brint when he was a baby in a moby wrap, and he is holding me when I was a baby. It awesome & hilarious!!!!!!

Left to Right: Sandie, Jan, Crystal, Me, and down below Pheobe.

Micki & Me

Gwen & Me

Sandie & Me

Tipton & Me

Erin & Me

L to R: Joy, Me, Micki, & Erin

Yumm cake!!

Thank you to all those who came and contributed to the gifts we received. They were very much needed, and are very appreciated!! Thanks for the love and friendship you showed us as well.

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Michelle K. said...

You're about ready to pop, Cuz! Love the photos, and so glad to hear about how much you've been enjoying Miss Amelia - she's already quite the party girl and she hasn't even arrived yet! ;-) Can't wait to meet her in person ... keep up these blog posts. I imagine very soon you won't have much time! Love ya!