Thursday, May 12, 2011

THE Royal Royal Wedding

I have always been super interested in royalty, history, and everything about the UK. I do remember when Prince Charles & Princess Diana got married, I was 5. My mom was also swept away with that special day, and has been in love with Diana ever since. I remember that we had a cookie tin on display in our house that was from that year, and it had a pic of Charles & Diana's engagement picture.

We also had some big things happen in our lives the same time the royal family did. The sad one was that Diana was killed a month before Brint & I were married. Amelia is born the same year that Will & Kate were married. Amelia's middle name is Elizabeth ...well the Queen of England is Elizabeth, Kate Middleton's middle name is Elizabeth, Amelia was named after Queen Elizabeth I. So it's the year of Elizabeth's, I just thought that was to fun.

So now that Will & Kate were going to get married, I just HAD to watch! Yes, I was up at 4am and I watched the whole things. I gasped, I cried, I was mesmerized and glued to my seat. I LOVED IT!! Amelia woke up at 7am and I fed her and we watched the "parade" back to the palace together. She loved watching all the colors. I love seeing THE kiss ...and the second one too! So here are the pics from that day.

So Amelia had something to wear for the special day, and I did too. Well, actually it came the day after the wedding. I sent away for MY very own ring. I wanted this ring since I was a little girl. I receive emails from the Jane Austen society in Bath, England, and they said their gift shop was selling a certain ring. I just HAD to have it, plus it was only $15 AND in came from BATH, ENGLAND!! Can you guess who else has this ring??

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