Monday, May 2, 2011

Look what I can do!!

It's amazing what little people (like babies) can do everyday. What really seems so simple, are huge milestones for them. I am SO grateful to see them everyday. The first example ...Amelia was on her floor mat, just playing away by kicking her legs and putting her hands in the air. She had dangly toys hanging in front of her too. I literally looked away for just a moment, and when I looked back she had grasped onto a toy. I could not get up fast enough to get the camera. Ok, so she hung on with one finger, but she held on for 5 minutes. Again ...HUGE milestone for her!!

Now onto a bigger accomplishment. Amelia has always been a strong girl. She's been able to hold her head up since day one. She has a grip that would out do Arnold Schwarzenegger. She has been wanting to sit up for a while now. Through out the day I rotate her through different seats, swings, bouncers, floor mat with toys, and lounging in her boppy. Well, a couple of days ago I put her in her boppy, and she got a little fussy after a few minutes.

So I re-adjusted her and look what she did ....sitting up with head held high!

Now she is just going to kick back and watch Rick Steves travel through Europe on TV. It's hard work you know!!


Michelle K said...

Wonderful pics, as always! I can't believe she's already holding her head up! Much love to little Amelia, and a big kiss! :-)

stacey maddock said...

such a precious girl! of course she's talented to go along with it! :) love and hugs!

AJ said...

WOW!! She is growing fast!! Tell her to slow down, there is no hurry!! LOL Thanks for sharing her milestones with us! Love seeing them!