Sunday, June 12, 2011

Always fun with Miss A!

This first pic is from our church's Memorial day cookout. Her best friend, Jenna, came in a matching out fit. You know your a mama when your little one is all decked out, and you just have a simple shirt and pants on with a hint of spit up on it. I Love It!!!

This is Amelia with her Auntie Katie & Uncle Ryan. For those who don't know, we are very blessed because they watch our little girl for us while we are at work. We are grateful beyond words for them!

I love this next one, because of the expressions on Brint & Amelia's face. I don't remember what we were watching, but I just love their faces.

This one was fun ...I was cleaning out Amelia's winter clothes, and clothes she finally grew out of. I found a small box with a couple of head bands, and thought I'd have a little fun with Amelia. She's such a good sport!!

My friend from work gave me her johnny jumper, and she loves it! The funny thing is she always points her right leg and has it touching the ground. It makes her turn in circles like a ballerina. It's pretty cute!

These next two are older, but wanted to put it on the blog, because those back home had not seen them yet. These pics were taken with my phone, I have more to download. That will be a post in it self pics!!

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