Saturday, July 16, 2011

A little light reading!

One evening I was trying to keep Miss A busy, before going to bed, so while she was sitting in her bouncer I thought i'd give her one of her soft books. She LOVED it. Actually, if you put any book in front of her she will turn the pages. One day we were reading a night time book to her, one of those thick cardboard types, she grabbed one of the pages and turned it. Thinking it was a fluke, she did it again, and again, and now does it every time a book is placed before her. I really hope she is a reader. Cross my fingers that she'll take after her mama, and adore Jane Austen. They should really make Jane Austen baby books ...hmmm! A project for another time perhaps!!


Josh and Angela Juett said...

Your baby is adorable... She is a good mix of both of you:) Hope you guys are good:)

Marsha said...

Very cute! And I agree about the Jane Austen baby books. You are never too young for Mr Darcy and Miss Elizabeth.