Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Over the moon!

My friend Robyn & I threw a baby shower for our amazing friend Katie. She is due in late July with her first baby. They are having a boy named Noah. We ALL can't wait for his arrival. So the theme of the shower matched his nursery, which are moon and stars. Super cute, couldn't wait to get started.

I enlisted a little long distance help from Canada. Brint's wonderful cousin, Jen, is a party/event guru. Her passion is to decorate and put on parties. She creates the BEST sweets table. Here is her blog address Forty4Change
So I picked her brain as far as what I could do. Of course it no where compared to hers, but it's a start. I was on a super tight budget, so my best friends were the dollar store AND the dollar bins at Target. Woo, Hoo!! I hand made/put together all the decorations. Which made it more custom, and saved the budget. We had amazing food; Robyn hand carved a fruit bowl from a watermelon and it brought so much color.

The next thing was, what kind of cake do you make/get for a professional cake maker?? Box mix is not an option, and store bought was out of the question, and there was no way I was going to make a pregnant mama make her own cake. So the pressure was on. I was going to make the now popular cake pops, but panicked. I can cook till the cows come home, but baking is not my thing (or it doesn't go well), and these cake pops required melting chocolate ...which scares me even more. So I made mini cupcakes ...who doesn't love cupcakes. The one adventurous thing I did was make white (blue) chocolate dipped marshmallows. They were SO good, and everyone loved them. I really loved putting this all together, and I must admit, can't wait to do another party ...so I can improve my party decor skills. On with the pics!!!!

Thank you to all that came, you made it so much fun!!

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Marsha said...

That looks like so much fun! And the food. Those marshmallows look divine. So wish I could have been there. Darn vacation.