Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bohemian Birthday!

So Saturday was my 32nd Birthday! In one of my favorite movies, Moulin Rouge, the bohemian moto is "Believe in Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and above all things Love". I love that moto! So I had my self a little Bohemian birthday. It started out with Love...Brint made his famous scrambled eggs, with toast, grapes, and apple juice. My perfect breakfast, especially made by him. Then it was Freedom....freedom to relax on the couch to watch a Jane Austen movie, Sense and Sensibility, free from cleaning the house or canning blackberry jam. Next was other words I must tell you the truth! I took a forty minute nap with Brint on my birthday. Sad but true.

Now finally Beauty....We went with Katie and Ryan Jevne to Jerusalem Garden Cafe for my birthday dinner! That was so much fun, and very bohemian. We sat in the tent room, on colorful pillows. Listened to live middle eastern music, which was really good. They even had a belly dance there, which was way cool!! We had appetizers of hummus and Dolma...yumm! Brint had the Chef's special of lam, tomatoes, onions, and Jordanian spices. Ryan had Mussaka (that word reminds me of the movie "Big Fat Greek Wedding", where the little girls asked if she was eating "Moose Ka-ka". He, he!). Anyway, his looked very yummy too! Katie and I had the shrimp with a mango curry sauce. Oh my heavens.....that meal was to die for. We each had couscous, and some pita bread. Yumm!

We were able to sit and relax. I really enjoyed the belly dancer. I think Katie and I may take a couple of classes. Anyway, after dinner we just walked around downtown Asheville and enjoyed the bohemian city around us. Got to say if you want to see creativity, art, and people expressing themselves that is the place! We finished the night off by getting some ice cream at Ingles (my favorite Turtle Tracks), and watched an episode of I Love Lucy. What a great night! Thanks to Brint, Katie, and Ryan for making my day so special. And to all my friends and family that wished me Happy Birthday!! Love to you all!!!


thirteennecklacedesigns said...
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thirteennecklacedesigns said...

That sounds so fun! I'm glad you had a relaxing, bohemian birthday!

stacey maddock said...

looks like a fun place, maybe we can go next time we're in town! the food descriptions are making me hungry! :) glad it was such a great day, love, stacey

Shana ;O) said...

Sounds like you had a rocking good time. Sorry I didn't call you and wish you a happy b-day. I such. I love and miss you tones. Oh ya and Happy Belated Birthday.