Monday, August 25, 2008

Chick-Peck Part 3

Brint and Mark looked over the structure of the new hutch, and it just needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. So guess who stayed the night in our house. Our baby chickens.....I know, I know we can all here the banjos playing now. It was either them sleep in our home, or the possibility of getting eaten!! They were a total joy! They would just peep, peep away ever so quietly. And they loved watching T.V. So much so that I had to put a dish towel on that side of their cage to make them go to bed. I made a roosting box out of a large shoe box, and some old rags. They loved it!!

So without further explanation here is the progress of the chicken "condo".

So here is the inside. I am super impressed at the work the guys did. The chicks were so happy, especially not to be in the transport cage. But they have their own window, incase it gets to hot. We made their roosting "bed" out of a bee box that we could not use, just cut a notch and put in some mulch (till we get some hay), and voila!! And soon to come we will be placing a sliding door with ramp for them to go out into their "sun room". He, he!

P.S. Click on the last picture, so it will enlarge, and you can see the chicks happy, and eating in their new home!


Hannah's Mom said...

Cute!!! Your chicks look so adorable! And happy! You're going to have a full-fledged farm one of these days... :)

Carmen said...

LOL, Dayna, I love it! :) I love animals too...and it's so cute that they were watching TV!

How nice that "house" will be for them. Looks like those guys have been working hard. Hopefully we can get up there to see those chickens one day. ;)