Monday, August 18, 2008

Chick-A-Little, Peck-A-Little!

Ok, so we are officially country people. Went to an 80 year old mans house to pick plums. Bought eight grape vines, some thorn-less blackberry bushes (HALLELUJAH!!!), and "oh by the way, I sell chickens for $4.00 a piece". So Brint, and Mark went home with the plants, and us girls had the baby chicks in their transport cage in my car. Dorothy does this train stop in Kansas???

So, we bought 2 Delaware chickens. They are only 3 months old, cute and sweet as a button. Mark and Amy had a old, huge rabbit hutch that we were going to convert into the chicken hutch. That weighed a million pounds, and had to retrieve it from an OLD tobacco barn....FUN!!


Carmen said...

Wow Dayna!! I seriously am jealous now! I have ALWAYS wanted chickens ever since I went to my Aunt's house in Phoenix, and they roam around her backyard!! I think it's the coolest thing, I don't know why? :)
Anyway, also cool you have the grapevines and blackberries!!

Shana ;O) said...

That totally rocks!!! You’ve gone all country on me. I know you are in Heaven as you always did love animals. Pretty soon you can stop working and just stay on the Farm. Would by chance be getting any Horses soon are you. ;o)