Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Great Visit!

This year was a great Christmas. Brint's cousin Jennifer, plus her husband and three kids, came down to visit from Canada. They are of the Jewish faith, but wanted to celebrate Christmas with Nana, who is 92 and Christian. Well, we just had a blast while they were here. I went with Jen, and her mom (aunt Dionne), to Target to do some Christmas shopping. They quickly scoured the shelves like the rest of us do every Christmas. Bought everyone stockings, and a ton of little gifts to stuff them with. Brint and I bought the kids each a Christmas book (The Polar Express for Yale, Mary Englebreit-Twas the Night Before Christmas for Fleur, and Fancy Nancy Christmas for Blythe), to help them remember their first Christmas with us. We too, had a ton of fun buying them things for Christmas.

The best part, was teaching them about Santa. About how you have to leave cookies and milk out for him, and carrots and celery for the reindeer. As we told them their eyes got real big. So the next morning when we came over, as soon as we walked in they all jumped up and said "He came, he came!!!". Brint and I just basked in the spirit of Christmas that children bring. THEY made it the best Christmas we've had.

Here are some pics from the other fun activities we did...

Uncle Gil and his traditional turkey carving. Do you like the apron I put on him... he was at my mercy. He, he!

Dayna and Fleur

Brint and Blythe

A little hoe-down at the Fiddling' Pig

Jen and Wayne doing the broom dance.

Doing our own little dance!

For New Years Eve we celebrated Brint's birthday 12/30 and Jen's Birthday 12/31. We ALL (Jen, Wayne, Fleur, Blythe, Yale, Nana, Uncle Gil, Aunt Dionne, Brint and myself) ate at a yummy mexican restaurant. Afterwards, the kids went to bed, the grownups played Apples to Apples, then rang in the new year together. Sadly I was having way to much fun to take a bunch of pics, but here are the couple I did take.

Dayna & Fleur

Ole ..Jen the birthday girl!!

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