Friday, January 15, 2010

Have you heard?

I ment to post this blog a couple of months ago, but there is a new show that I just adore. Have you heard of it? It's called...

The show is about a Glee club in a high school that has lost it's luster, a long time ago (1993 to be exact). A spanish teacher, who once in the award winning Glee club, decides to resurrect this long gone club. They hold try outs, and with most try outs come the interesting characters. There is some recruiting of the football team and the cheerleading team, called the Cheerios. However, there is some dark plot to crush the Glee club, by the Cheerios coach named Sue. You see, the Glee club is taking up some of their budget, for important Cheerios activities like ...tanning beds, first class flights to competitions, and Sue's rockin' uniforms.

All that being said, in between all of this high school drama is the most amazing music and dancing. The music you are listening to now is from Glee (well the first two songs). Of course, there are no new episodes till Spring (boo, hoo), however, you can watch past episodes on . If you are already a fan tell me what you think. Who's your favorite? What's your favorite episode? Mine is episode number 4. Where Kurt joins the football team, because his dad catches him dancing to the song "Single Ladies" in his room. He joins the football team to please his dad, but teaches the WHOLE football team the same dance to bring them together as a team and to get them to focus. Check it out on, or see the two vids below. The first is Kurt dancing in his room, the second ...well you can guess.

Here is the second AWESOME video!!

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