Friday, February 5, 2010

Rather be...

I know a lot of people around here is real tired of all this snow and cold weather. The first go around we had 18 inches of scary snow, followed by a month of deep freeze. Then we got hit with 8 more inches a week ago, now this morning Brint and I drove to work in a 7-11 slushy. Only to expect more snow tomorrow, next week, and probably the week after that. Ground hog day was just two days ago, and Punxsutawney Phil said we would have 6 more weeks of winter, whereas Asheville Nibbles said spring was soon.

I am hoping for Nibbles guess-tamite. In the mean time, I am hoping for a warmer, dryer, sunnier place. Here are some places that I am dreaming about. Some of these are places I been, and lived, and some I would just love to go.

Where I have been and lived...

Point Arena light house, first lighthouse I had ever seen and been in.The movie Forever Young (with Mel Gibson) was filmed there.

Point Reyes National Seashore. This is where SIr Frances Drake "landed" back in the 1600's.

Point Cabrillo lighthouse.

Russian Fort Ross.

My favorite bridge that has my heart, the Golden Gate Bridge. The pic below is of the west side of Golden Gate Park, many happy memories there. I love San Francisco!

Sonoma, Napa, Santa Rosa, and Petaluma is where my mom and her family are from. When you drive through the roads, you can smell the eucalyptus trees that line many of the roads. Mmmm, miss that!

The sign of our hometown. Roseville, California

Roseville is the largest rail yard west of Chicago. Often times the hum of the engines would put us to sleep, the horns would drift through our window with the summer breeze, and the historic homes we lived in belonged to the first rail workers and their families.
Bright lights on Main Street, two blocks from our home.

Where I would love to go.


The Royal Crescent where Jane Austen and her characters once walked.

A little place called Venice, Italy

Florida Keys. Ever since the movie Fool's Gold, I have wanted to go. Who wouldn't?

Buckingham Palace, England. Queen Victoria was the first royal to live there.

Well, I think I feel a little better, and a little warmer now. As little orphan Annie said ..."The sun will come out tomorrow"!

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Destinee said...

Fun pictures! And I hope little orphan Annie is right!
I told Ryan we might need to move further south. Then he reminded me about summer. I guess we'll stay here and stick it out.