Monday, April 26, 2010

My heart goes pitter-pat!

So last weekend President Obama and his beautiful wife, Michelle, vacationed in my neck of the woods. No that wasn't the part that made my heart go pitter-pat. They went to 12 Bones and had yummy BBQ, hiked on the Blue Ridge Parkway, he golfed, they played tennis, had dinner at The Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village, stayed in the Grove Park Inn, and met with Billy Graham. It was pretty neat having him here. The town was all a buzz. Although I never saw him, there was evidence of him everywhere. No, that did make the heart go pitter-pat either. There were HUGE CNN satellite trucks, reporters hopping in and out of tour busses, fighter jets flying back and forth ALL weekend (ok, that did make my heart go a little pitter-pat), plus a LARGE surveillance jet way up high (smile your on camera), and sirens blaring back and forth in downtown (for his motorcade).

I had told my coworkers that I wish I could have taken Friday off, just to see Air Force One fly in. You know me and planes! I've see Air Force One once in California, when Pres. Bush flew in. I saw the underbelly fly over my house. So being a good girl, I didn't call in ( I was very tempted though), but my friend did have the day off. She was able to go to the airport after he had landed, got pics of the plane, and the best part, pics of the flight crew. Super cool... here are the pics!

This is what made my heart go pitter-pat. Oh, plus these pics from another friend, Tipton, who has a friend that works at the airport. He got these AMAZING pics of Marine One. I would give anything to see that big bird.

Anyway, when I saw the pic of the flight crew ...THAT made my heart go pitter-pat. Besides the obvious that they are some good lookin' all American Air Force guys, but I think they are the luckiest people ever. How amazing would it be to fly THE President of the United States of America all over the world, in one of the safest and kick ...uhh... butt plane ever! When I look at the pic of them I just think of all the possibilities and opportunities they've had. I would, if possible, do that job for free!


Marsha said...

You are so cute. Years ago when I was in my high school ROTC, I had a thing for jets. So I know where you are coming from.

Anonymous said...

That so ROCKS!!! and yes there are some good looking boys on that plan. And can I just add, is that little ol' lady wearing a "help I've fallen and I can't get up" neckless? Your mom and dad were over for dinner on Sunday and were telling us about how the Pres was staying at a place near your house. So cool!!!!

Shana Bug