Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift

Guess what Brint lovingly gave me for Valentine's Day ...the stomach flu! Yippee!! I guess all true loves share everything. All kidding aside, Brint and I were pretty sick. Brint was sick on Friday, I was sick on Sunday. There was one true comfort, one nurse who never left our side no matter what the time, one who is so warm and loving. That one person was Misty Kitty. It is true that all animals know when their humans are not well. So here is the "nurse" in action doing what she does best.

P.S. Those are my legs she is sleeping on ...the little dear!

But as you can see from the pic below, it's all worth it!!

Things of beauty ...with Jane

Here is another person of beauty. Her time is of beauty, her words are of beauty, and her inspirations are of beauty. Here are my inspirations that keep me dreaming, thanks to Jane Austen.

The great Miss Austen herself

What she has inspired....

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.
~Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

I have every consideration for your nerves, my dear, as they've been my constant companion for the last twenty years.
~Mr.Bennet, Pride and Prejudice

In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.
~Mr.Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice

Ahhhh ...what sweet bliss

Sweets for the sweet!

One of my friends at work is having a baby. We had a baby shower for her last Monday. It was so much fun, and super simple. We had dinner at the Corner Kitchen, had a wonderful meal, lot's of chit-chatting, and an all around fun girls night out. I thought that was such a fun idea rather than do a typical baby shower where we have all played the same games, and had the same finger foods.

Of course one thing we did do was shower her with cute baby gifts. I decided to something different this time. I got washcloths, onesies, and hats all in boy colors and designs, since she is having a boy. Instead of just wrapping it up and calling a day, I wanted to do something creative, so I made them into lollipops, cupcakes, and campfire sticks. I know I can see the question marks in your head. Just see the pics and how to below!!

Here are the supplies I used ...washcloths, onesises, hats, popsicle sticks, tule, twine, scotch tape, and scrapbook paper.

I folded, taped the two washcloths end to end, rolled it up nice and tight and taped that too.

Then I taped the swirls to the ends of popsicle sticks. I have seen it done with baby spoons, which is so cute. I forgot to pick some up, as I was so focus on getting the supplies at Michaels. Oh, well, next time I will use spoons. Can you see the lollipops now?

Now it's time to wrap it in tule. I tied it with a piece of twine. If it was for a girl I would have use some cute pink ribbon. Use what ever will with your theme and colors.

Next, I made the campfire sticks. I took cute boy onesies, rolled them up, and taped them so they didn't come undone. Then I stacked them up like a bunch of campfire sticks, and wraped it up with strip of tule, and tied it with twine.

On to the cupcake. I took three new born hats, taped them tip to tip, and rolled them up. To make it look more like a cupcake, I pulled up the insides, like a swirl of icing. Then I tied tule to the bottom, and cut the top with a jagged edge like a cupcake liner. I used a ribbon that said "blessings", and tied that with a piece of twine. Check it out!

Lastly, I made some cute labels for each item out of scrapbook paper, and a eyelets so they could be tied on.

Here is the is my project completed. I placed these items in a basket (I forgot to take a pic ..i know, i know). I stood the lollipops up in the back, placed the campfire sticks in the middle, and the cupcake in the front.

Well, what do you think? Let me know!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

More Beauty ...with Marie

Marie Antoinette ~Many of these pics are from the movie, but they filmed in Versailles and other real places that Marie had been. Click on the pics if you'd like to see them in more detail. I would!

Country home.

Here are a couple of pics from inside her actual bedroom, the open door goes to her boudoir. Ahhhh...

The last picture is of my favorite dress, my favorite house Marie had, and the country lifestyle she loved there. Oh to have lived in a time like this. I can not even imagine the opulence, the colors, the style, and the beauty they had then.