Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter time!

I love all of these "first" for Amelia. I have a feeling there are going to be plenty of "first" posts on this blog! This first Easter for Amelia was great. We got to dress her up in her Easter best for church, the Easter Bunny left her a cute basket, and the best part is that Brint's cousin, Jen< came from Canada for a visit. She came to visit Nana, but we all benefited from spending lot's of time with her. I couldn't wait for her to meet Amelia for the first time. You'll never believe where they were when they first met ...only the best store in America ...TARGET!

Jen is a shopping diva, and was there to teach Amelia how to be one too. It was so much fun, took lot's of pics, and pretty much took over the entire store. Amelia went home with a lot of sweet clothes that Auntie Jen got for her. Thanks Jen!!!

So the Easter Bunny stopped by our house for the first time. Woo, hoo! Amelia got the cutest bucket, some Hello Kitty hair clips, a book, fresh new spring pj's, and some onesies. The best part about the onesies is that one of them say "Her Royal Cuteness". Which, by the way, she WILL be wearing for the Royal Wedding coming up on the 29th, can't wait to post that blog!

After church we met up with Brint's Uncle, Aunt, Nana & Cousin. Nana wanted to go to O'Charley's for Easter lunch. Then went back to their house to hang out, and took some pics. They turned out just beautiful, with all the green, budding flowers, and the sunlight streaming through all the trees. There were so many good pics, just had to post them all.

This was a great Easter, and It was fun to see all the love that Amelia got from family and friends. Hope yours was just a memorable!


Michelle K. said...

Gorgeous pics, Cuz! Of course I'm not surprised - we have a beautiful family and your little Amelia is no exception. I can't wait to meet her - though she'll be a lot bigger when I do! :-) Love you!

The Arrrrrgalls said...

My friend Anna emailed me ~ "I couldn’t figure out how to send comment on the blog so I’m sending it this way!! my comment….. where do you think you are going to attach those Hello Kitty hair do-hickys???"

Micki said...

Sweet pics but I just miss my dayna!!! Just where are you going to attach those hair thingys

Katie's Cakes said...

I love it! She is so beautiful! We love you guys!